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August 26, 2013

Things have been busy around the farm in August. With some drier weather earlier in the month, we finally got a first cut of hay on our field. We had time to get plastic on the new high tunnel, despite the wind. We are harvesting lots of cucumbers, greens, summer squash and herbs. We put a dozen ducks in the freezer last week and 50 more broilers started. We are looking to harvest wheat tomorrow...help permitting and before more rain. There's work to do to break down from The Orchard School summer camps as well.

Our oxen, Boss and Chez strutted their stuff in the Alstead 250th Anniversary parade on Saturday. It was their first time on a trailer with other cattle. There was a big crowd and lots of distraction. They also spent time in a pen at Millot Green where activities were held for the anniversary. We were all very proud of them.

Late summer night sounds are all around...cicadas, crickets, young roosters getting their voices, coyotes, and occasional bull frogs. There are big happenings around Orchard Hill including Orchard School renovations, a pizza night pavilion project at Orchard Hill Breadworks as well as an indiegogo fundraiser to support the effort, designing the frame for our barn, harvesting and processing, and a big family wedding.

Orchard Hill Breadworks Pizza Night

The pizza oven collapsed this summer. The Pizza Pavilion Project hopes to raise money to build a larger,
stronger oven and a spacious pavilion that will be able to serve great pizza in all weather (and with shorter lines!).
The new venue will make possible a wide range of benefit events from spring through autumn.

We are processing 50 chickens tomorrow (broilers), including a bunch for the wedding. I will have plenty of fresh, pasture raised and 100% organically fed birds for sale at the farm this week. Give a shout if you are interested. They taste nothing like what you find in the super market.

Coming up on September Village Roots and Steve Whitman of Low Energy Future will be sponsoring an Introduction to Permaculture course at Orchard Hill. Stay tuned for more information. 

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