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Posted by Marty Castriotta on Thursday, June 5, 2014 Under: News and Updates

Lots of things happening here at Village Roots and on the Orchard Hill Community. Here are just a few highlights from the last month.

We started construction on two high tunnels at the Sullivan County Complex. These high tunnels will be used for research (studying the comparison between regular greenhouse poly and Solawrap covering). Community gardeners from the area will grow the crops and a student from Colby Sawyer College will be conducting the research. Eventually this site will be used as community garden space.

The Orchard Hill Breadworks' Pizza Night Pavilion and new portable oven were used for the first time this past Sunday, June 1 during a thank you event for all the donors and helpers that made this project possible. Here are Noah and Asher working on the first coat of clay plaster.

Muffet, one of our turkey hens, has been sitting on eggs (turkey and duck) for the last few weeks. Felix, our tom, has been joining her in her effort. With green grass, our breeder turkeys are now out on pasture, but their turkey pavilion still offers them rain and sun protection. 

A promise of fertility! These two pictures show manure from the steers busting with new growth...specifically, clover. Why is this so amazing? Our steers, out to pasture in November, were eating clover seed heads. When we put them in the temporary barnyard, where there was no great forage (meaning, they couldn't do any damage), they did what they do best. Now this area, previously devoid of good forage, is booming with one of their favorite foods!

In the midst of it all....the yurt roof blew off. Well, it was almost 20 years old. Thanks to Ken Gagnon of Two Girls Yurts for leading the project of making a new roof for the 30' yurt. 

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