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Walking the labyrinth

The labryrinth
Sweet Annie
Yellow Dock and Dandelion root

We grow flowers and herbs at Village Roots for a number of reasons. We grow them for their culinary use as well as for their medicine. Flowers and herbs have healing properties not just for humans, but for other animals as well. (We have noticed that our pasture animals know just what pasture plants to eat when they are not feeling well.) In addition, many of these plants greatly benefit the gardens that they are growing in. Whether they deter garden pests, fix nitrogen, attract pollinators or predatory wasps, or accumulate micronutrients from deep within the soil, they are always working to deepen the strength of the ecological relationships that are being built.

Many of our favorite herbs (including: yarrow, echinacea, elecampane, lemon balm, catnip, St. John's wort, anise hyssop and valerian) are grown in our herbal labyrinth, just a stones throw from the Orchard Hill Breadworks pizza night pavilion. The labyrinth was our first no-till garden. It is now a place of healing, reflection, education and bounty.  It also acts as an herbal nursery for the apple orchard that it abuts. Many of these herbs are great companion plants for fruit trees, deterring pests and building balanced soil.  

We sell bulk herbs to local herbalists and often turn our yield into tinctures, syrups and teas. Herbs and flowers can also be used to make wonderful cordials and flower essences. Contact us in the winter or early spring to place an order or in the summer or fall to find out what we have in stock. 

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More chamomile

St. John's Wort and Sun Chokes in front of the sugar shack