Permaculture Design Course 2017

One weekend per month March-July 2017 

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Is a Permaculture Design Certificate Course right for you?
Here are some commonly asked questions.

What is permaculture?
Permaculture is an ecologically-based design system. Permaculture designs produce human habitats (food, shelter, community) that are highly resilient (responsive to change), restorative and regenerative. Permaculture grows positive solutions to feed the future.

What is a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course?
A PDC is a set of coursework aimed to provide an overview of permaculture; its origins, its current context, its principles and its practices. PDCs provide at least 72 hours of course work. Lead instructors hold design certificates themselves and are proven experienced educators and practitioners of permaculture. PDCs provide a foundational education in ecology, soil science, water management solutions, site analysis and assessment, mapping and perennial food production systems.

Who is permaculture for?
Permaculture is for Earth and for Humanity. In that sense, it is for all of us.

Who takes a PDC?
Permaculture is not just for farmers and gardeners. Many people take PDCs to learn better management practices for a parcel of land that they steward. This could be a 1/4 acre lot, a parkway (strip between road and sidewalk) or a small farm. Maybe it’s your land, or maybe it’s not. Builders take PDCs to learn how to integrate permaculture into home design. Landscapers are often drawn to the possibilities of creating ecosystems. New business owners draw from principles to increase efficiency and resilience. Educators and artists share with the world positive solutions. High schoolers prepare for their future and elders build upon accumulated knowledge and share wisdom.

How will I benefit from a PDC?
By participating in this course you will access a foundational understanding of ecological design. You will look at natural systems in a whole new way and you will be able to apply this new understanding to your own systems of production. Credit for this course is now accepted by a growing number of universities around the world. A PDC gets many new farmers off on the right (bare) foot. For many professionals, a PDC is a further credential in their field. For many lifelong learners, a PDC is the next logical step in developing a deeper understanding about how to inhabit our living planet.  

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