Our Mission
Village Roots grows food as a living and sustaining ecosystem. We strive to feed our community healthy food that they can believe in; that is safe, beautiful, tasty and nutritious. We also strive always to build soil fertility. Feed the soil and you feed the future.
We believe that growing and eating food is a sacrament. For too long now most of the food we eat has been controlled by an ever-shrinking number of corporations who claim to “own” seeds and the genetics that feed us. These are often the same corporations who manufacture the chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that have weakened our food supply, making it unsafe and unstable. In order to change this, we believe that a day will come again, where human-scale, efficient and sustainable farms are everywhere. In fact, with the inherently de-centralized local food movement growing, we are certainly on the right path. We envision stable and thriving community economies, where food is healthy, fresh and grown by neighbors, where land is wisely used and where farmers are reimbursed for their time.

                                                                            photo Sonia Keiner